To connect a USB microphone to the M-Game RGB Dual, plug the microphone into a free USB port on your computer. The USB connection will only be used to power the microphone and not to send audio to and from your computer. To ensure that you have this set properly, check your sound setting in Windows or Audio MIDI setup and ensure that there is no audio being sent to or received from your connected USB mic. Connect an 1/8” TRS (3.5mm) to 1/8” TRS (3.5mm) from your USB microphone’s headphone output to the M-Game’s 1/8” TRS (3.5mm) mic input.

Make sure that your USB microphone’s signal is set to only send the microphone signal to the M-Game RGB Dual. Setting the signal on your USB mic to only send the USB mic will require you to set the USB mic’s headphone mix to Mic only. Depending on your USB mic’s make and model, this can be done on your USB microphone, or in your USB microphone’s accompanying software. Please note not all USB microphones include a headphone mix control.

Once you have completed the above steps, you can follow the setup instructions for setting your mic in the setup guides listed above.