The M-Game brand features top of the line audio processors and an easy to use software interface to control your brands. Both the Solo and RGB Dual offer a wide array of features, and this table will break down the differences between the two!

FeatureM-Game SoloM-Game RGB Dual
USB Connections1 USB Connection2 USB Connections
Display LEDs
Center ControlHeadphone/Speaker VolumeReal-Time Voice Effect Control and Headphone/Speaker Volume
Available Vocal Effects
Chorus & Modulation
Reverb & Echo
Chorus & Modulation
Reverb & Echo
Vocal Processor
Microphone Mute1 Available Mute
2 Available Mute Options
(Configurable Mic Mute – single press. Mute All – double press)
Sample Buttons3 Sample Buttons per bank (Total of 6 samples)
5 Sample Buttons per bank (Total of 10 samples)
Voice FX Buttons1 Voice Effect Button
2 Voice Effects buttons per bank (Total of 4 voice effects)
Included ExtrasN/AIncludes an (1) 1/8” TRRS female to (2) 1/8” TRS male adaptor ­– for connecting to headsets with a TRRS connection